For anyone experiencing a Mental Health crisis, please call 988 (crisis line) or go to the nearest emergency room.

Badge 2 Badge offers emergency responder support groups for Police, Fire, EMS, Corrections, Dispatch, and all other emergency responder-related positions - both current and former. These groups provide support for PTSI, trauma, grief, substance use, and other issues. All group sessions are confidential and anonymous and run by “badges helping badges”. We bring you free support, experience, and hope. We are currently only providing support groups to Colorado residents.

There are currently no scheduled meetings as our Badge2Badge support groups are undergoing some restructuring. Please check back for updates or email us at admin@thebadgegroup.com for more information.

We are not a crisis center, and if you need immediate support please visit your closest Emergency Room, call 911, or contact one of the resources below. 

For Urgent or Crisis Support: Please contact any or all of the following organizations to help you in moments of crisis. They are here for you now!

Emergency Responder Crisis Text Line - Emergency Responder Crisis Text Line: text “BADGE” to 741741. 

Safe Call Now - This confidential, comprehensive, 24-hour crisis referral service is for all public safety employees, all emergency services personnel, and their family members nationwide. Please call 877-230-6060 or 206-459-3020 for assistance.

National Volunteer Fire Council Fire/EMS Helpline - This confidential, 24-hour Fire/EMS Helpline was created for First Responders by members of the fire service. This program is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of firefighters, EMTs, rescue personnel, and their families. Please call 888-731-FIRE (3473) for assistance.

Copline - This confidential, 24-hour law enforcement officer hotline is manned by retired law enforcement officers trained in active listening. Please call 800-267-5463 for assistance.

Colorado Crisis and Emergency Resources - Dial 211 or (866)760-6489 or Text your ZIP CODE to 898-211.

Badge 2 Badge provides a supportive and understanding environment where you can openly discuss the emotional stress you face in your occupation. By sharing experiences, coping strategies, and emotional support, you can gain valuable insights, enhance resilience, and improve your overall well-being. Click the button below to request more information on how you can join the Badge to Badge group!

Confidentiality: We are not affiliated with any First Responder agency and; therefore, we have no legal, ethical, or contractual obligation to disclose information or identity. If an agency contacts us, the agency will be told, “We cannot confirm or deny that we know this person. Badge 2 Badge is a support organization and the confidentiality and anonymity of members is sacred.''

This therapy group is clinically-based and provides an opportunity for First Responders to assess their drinking and substance use with licensed professionals. This is not an AA/NA group. These meetings are for any First Responder - current or former - who wishes to be either abstinent or explore moderation management regarding substance use. This group receives funding for ACTIVE FOP Members. For more information on the cost of services please contact the office directly if you are not a member of the Colorado FOP. Group sessions are run by Badge Responder Services, a for-profit leg of Badge2Badge that provides clinically-based therapy.

Understanding the level of stress, job performance pressure, and work-life balance struggle a first responder might feel, is unique and essential for finding relief. Badge 2 Badge can provide valuable support to first responders in handling the stress and pressures they face on the job in several ways:

The benefits that can be gained from talking about the emotional stress first responders face in their occupation include:

Badge 2 Badge Board of Directors

Kelly Karinen, MA, LPC, and LAC

First Responder Agency: 18 years of law enforcement experience - Lakewood Police

Board Position: Director

Why do you volunteer with Badge2Badge?: It is important for our emergency responders to have a place to go when they need support. I have been attending Badge2Badge meetings since 2016, first as a person in need of support and now as a peer.

What do you want First Responders to know about Badge2Badge?: Know that there is a safe, confidential place for you to go when you need help - no questions asked.

Rebecca Allanson, MA, LAC, CCTP-II

First Responder Agency: 18+ years of law enforcement experience - New South Wales (Sydney, Australia) Police (6 years), Arvada Police Department (9 years), Jefferson County DA’s Office (3 years)

Board Position: Founder and Vice President

Why did you found Badge2Badge: In 2014, I transitioned out of law enforcement. There was a clear need for First Responder support meetings and resources. It is a privilege to be part of something that provides these resources.

What do you want First Responders to know about Badge2 Badge: Strength is reaching out and getting support, not keeping everything in your already very full compartment and letting symptomology destroy your life.

Interested in Joining Us?

Please watch this space for meeting notifications starting in 2024.

You can pre-register by sending an email to admin@thebadgegroup.com.

Are you a first responder, former or current, who would like to give back to you fellow comrads? We are now taking applications for volunteer faciliators. Please reach out to admin@thebadgegroup.com for more information.

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