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Rebecca Allanson, MA, MAC, CCTP-II

Rebecca Allanson is the Founder and CEO of the The Badge Group (B2B, Badge Responder
Services & Resilient Badge). She is a licensed counselor/clinician, specializing in substance abuse, addiction and trauma. Her passion is providing Neurotherapy treatment for mental health stabilization in first responders. Rebecca is a retired police detective (1996-2014). Rebecca is trained and licensed to provide psychotherapy, groups and Neurotherapy services for First Responders.

Rebecca started Badge2Badge, our 501c3 non-profit in 2014, and has been providing support groups, and clinical services to First Responders since 2015. She is currently completing ongoing training, coursework and mentorship to build the highest level of efficacy of this treatment for our special responders. Rebecca has recovered from significant police job-related C-PTSD and is in long term recovery from alcoholism – Sober Aug 10, 2014, which is one of the lenses she applies to her work with clients.

Rebecca is also the Director of Mental Health and Wellness for the Colorado FOP and provides consultation services to members and lodges. She has testified at the Capitol to increase funding for the POMH (Police Officer Mental Health Grant), which provides funding for psychological services. Rebecca is a state-wide and national trainer in Neurotherapy, Trauma and substance abuse and addictions in the First Responder Professional. She holds a Bachelors of Science, Post grad Diploma in Policing, Masters in Clinical Counseling and currently working towards her Phd in Psychology.

New South Wales Police – Sydney, Australia 1996

Arvada Police 2004

Tanya Gardner

Project Manager, Administrative Lead, Assistant Neuro-Technician

As a Colorado native, I enjoy spending time outdoors gardening, golfing, hiking, and traveling. I am also obsessed with my newest artistic expression in pottery and enjoy taking classes in Boulder weekly to grow that skill.

I am a daughter of an EMS paramedic and ambulance driver in a small town on the Western slope where I grew up. After moving to Denver to attend the University of Denver, I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a double minor in Art and Psychology. I have two wonderful children, a bulldog/boxer mix, cat, chickens, and ducks whom I raise on a small farm in Lafayette. 

I am proud to be a part of the team here at The Badge Group, helping support our first responders in their healing journey.

Polly Miller


Originally from Duluth, Minnesota. I have lived in California for several years and served several years in a volunteer fire department. I decided to move to Colorado and attend the Fire Academy in Arvada. I served on a volunteer department as well as a paid position as an engineer.

I then moved my career to Law Enforcement working for the Boulder County Sheriff Office working the Jail, Patrol, Investigations, and Courts until retiring in 2021. Towards the end of my career, I was diagnosed with PTSD. I attended FHE in Florida’s Shatterproof Program where I was introduced to many different modalities and tools to heal. One of them was Neuro-Stimulation. I found this to be a lifesaving tool and have had an interest in it ever since.

Now that I am working as a neuro-technician I feel honored and blessed to be assisting in the healing of many of my brothers and sisters in the first responder field. Besides working in this field, I also enjoy exploring new adventures and experiences in traveling, making art of various kinds and meeting new people.

Leah Bush

Client Care Coordinator and Lead Neuro-Technician

I am a Colorado native and a first responder spouse. Since being married to a first responder, I have grown to appreciate and have a better understanding of what they go through every day. I love having found another “family” in the first responder community.

I enjoy reading, cooking, going to the dog park and spending time with my husband and our three kids. I owned a marketing business for seven years and love seeing businesses succeed. I am passionate about helping others and consider myself a lifetime student. I love to learn new things and am committed to personal growth and development.

I am so excited and grateful to be part of this team and look forward to meeting all of you soon. 

Testimonials from Resilient Badge Clients

“The treatment has been a total life changer for me. I was struggling with not only my physical health but my mental health as well. I’ve always been a very active and organized person and I was slipping away from that very quickly. I was not interacting with my children in a positive way, and I would get frustrated with them very easily. I couldn’t sleep and was having nightmares on a regular basis. 

Since starting I have been more alert and focused. I don’t lose track of what I’m doing, and I can stop a task and remember to go back to it. I’m able to be patient with my children again, and enjoy their company for hours at a time, versus the 10 minutes at a time we were doing before. I’m able to teach my kids things and let them mess up or make messes without going into rage or panic. I’m not messing up my words or struggling to find the right words as much as before. 

One of the bigger things I’ve noticed is how calm I’ve become. Situations that would’ve once made me lose my temper, are barely an annoyance at this point. I can quickly refocus without it being a big deal at all!”

-Client #55

“Before starting Neuro-therapy my panic attacks were almost to the point of debilitation. The panic and anxiety was so bad that I was unable to attend large events with family and friends and I would shy away from police training because of these attacks. Now I’m able to attend both! Since starting Neurotherapy, they have decreased in severity and frequency. I have been able to live a more normal life.”

-Client #45

“I think the biggest thing I’ve noticed is my clarity of mind. And it doesn’t feel like I’m in a fog or struggling to put my thoughts together. I feel more alert, but not hypervigilant. It’s so much easier to focus and not feel like I have to concentrate on concentrating. The second thing I’ve noticed is my emotions feel much more regulated.

If I get upset, sad, happy, or even anxious, they all feel within my control, and not on the extreme end of the spectrum. I don’t feel like I’m being hijacked by my emotions. Finally, I’ve noticed I’m more calm than before. I don’t feel like I always have to be alert, doing something, or occupying myself. I can truly relax and focus on being present.”

- Client #56

“I was introduced to the Neuro-stimulation program with one of our former officers at Florida House Experience (FHE) in Florida. I watched over several days how the individuals mental state improved dramatically along with their sleep patterns. Rebecca brought this program to the Colorado State Fraternal Order of Police Lodge.

Based on the results that I had seen in Florida, I decided to try the program myself. The brain mapping showed several areas that needed work and Rebecca’s explanation of the program and what would be done encouraged me further to proceed.

I have seen dramatic positive results in my energy levels especially later in the day and it has improved my overall outlook on my daily activities. I stand behind this program 100% and look forward to Longmont providing our public safety staff the opportunity to keep themselves mentally healthy.”

-Client #10

“I’ve been in law enforcement for 20 years and have had an unbelievable career. Cumulative stress has certainly taken its toll as well as having been involved in numerous critical incidents. I’ve tried to manage my mental health for many years with talk therapy and EMDR, but over time, it seemed like the symptoms of PTSD began getting worse. I was introduced to neurotherapy at The Badge Group in 2022 and worked with Rebecca Allanson and her amazing staff.

Neurotherapy has certainly made a difference. My anxiety symptoms have decreased significantly making work, family life, and life in general great again. I have become a huge advocate for neurotherapy and recommend it to other first responders looking for an alternative to talk therapy.”


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